a week in the life: tuesday

Tuesdays are for sleeping in, to nurse the pain of yesterday, both real and imagined.

Tuesdays are when the hubby goes to a far flung area where he is needed. Distance, I think, has made us appreciate our time together more.

Tuesday is for washing the dishes which, I read somewhere, is good for the brain. Maybe this is the reason I’ve always liked this chore.


It is a day for a bit of flexibility.

That, sometimes, it is okay when what should have been KFC style chicken end up as something that smelled like paksiw but tasted like adobo (I should remember not to add calamansi and garlic next time).


That, sometimes, it is alright when something does not turn out exactly how I imagined it to be (this at least gives me an excuse to buy more of those fabulous pillow covers).


Tuesday is the day I snap out of my melodrama and look for happiness in the little things:

in a stack of documents from Manila that arrive just in time;


in the quiet moments of motherhood;


in a 14.5 kg bundle and his sense of wonder;


in the kind of play that makes one feel young again.


Tuesday, surprisingly, has turned out to be one fine day.

a week in the life: monday

to mark our one month stay in Mindanao, i thought i’d do this glimpse into my week bit. not too happy with how the pictures turned out. but it’ll do for now. like much in life ;-)


Mondays are for taking breaks.

While the rest of the world brave the traffic, save for the past three years, I have always tried not to work on a Monday (or if I had to, I go outside the city). Thankful that this is one of the many perks of my job.

Sometimes, a pleasant surprise awaits.


Or two.


Most times, there are things that need to be done.

I prepare for lunch, which gives me some comfort, some time to think. And reminds me of Mama and life in Manila. This, of course, makes me want to slice more onions than is necessary.


I go over some documents. Cross out, hopefully, some work-related and household to-dos on my list. Which tires me out (dealing with numbers does that) and I end up taking a nap on the couch (sleep, as you might have noticed by now, is quintessential to my existence; somnolent detachment as of late.).

Monday is for chasing around the toddler as he tries to avoid the camera.


Mondays are for boxing the blues away while the hubby pulls guard.


And in the middle of mitt training, I feel my energy slip. This, strangely enough, brings me back to my senses.

Monday was spent waiting in a car while it rained. Duty called (the hubby’s).


Mondays are for night caps and discussing whether it’ll be good to eat after training or not. But we eat anyway (and the hubby gives me a puzzled – no make it incredulous – look as I snap away).


We go home. Climb to bed. And Monday ends with the hope that tomorrow, I’d feel much much better.

around here

around here, i wake up to the sound of nature. a welcome change. except for that one crazy turkey that starts before 6 and goes on and on like an energizer rabbit. i will find it one day.

around here, i have yet to find my place. i still live off my suitcase and lug around my bag where my essentials are.

around here, folklore is imbued in the mundane. i cannot, for instance, take a nap as the sun begins to set (i know. but I am tired.).

around here, there is no way to go but start fresh. eat healthy. stay fit (er, let’s just say i don’t have a choice but to do the latter).

around here, one can get wonderfully lost in one’s own thoughts amidst the steady hum of inflections and glottal stops.

around here, there is a quiet flurry during the day. there are things that need to be done yet there is nary a need to rush.

around here, i still worry about the future, by the ghosts of the past.

but around here, there is finally an us and not just me and the little one. and that, for me, is enough.

inspiration blog hop

discovered project lifers philippines and was glad to see individuals who shared my interest in project life in my country where PL products aren’t exactly readily available (and yet we manage!).

allowed to be tagged by Ing of http://www.iscrapbying.blogspot.com. first time to do something like this so bear with me. it actually feels like an interview for a magazine. haha.

what are you working on?

i am attempting to complete my first ever project life album. i started at week 14 of 2014 and have partially completed several pages until week 26. when i discovered project life in 2011, i felt it was a perfect way to document my travels. but because my family is relocating to the province, i decided to give it a try so i can document our last few months in manila.


how does your work differ from others?

it seems i have more pictures of people than objects as i find it hard to take good photos of food, ordinary everyday items, or a new place as is common in PL albums that i see online. have been trying to work on composition at the very least.


i also adhere embellishments on transparencies rather than sew on the page protectors.



why do you create what you do?

it reminds me to be grateful of the little things, of ordinary things. that in life, what matters is not what you have or what you have achieved but rather the moments that you’ve spent with those who are dear to you or what you have experienced, no matter how mundane these may be.


how does your creating process work?

i keep a journal where i write down what transpired during the day, whether i have a pic or not, and how i plan to lay out my page. i try to keep one week in one spread (2 pages).


from there, i select the pictures that would work given the lay out and post process as my printer tends to print dark. what has worked best for me is printing pictures on unlined index cards rather than on photo paper. i then add filler and journal cards. so far, i have partially completed pages until week 26 although my journal entries are up to date. partially completed as i have yet to add journalling and embellishments to all these pages (er, i haven’t exactly decided on how my week card will look like to this day!).


all done!

will not be tagging any one but anybody who would like to write something similar is more than welcome to do so.

keep creating memories, project lifers! (oh that virtual cheer. hear, hear ;-))

begin with the end in mind

best scrapbooking tip. ever.

taking this statement to heart, i decided to start with a memory keeping project roughly 7 months before i have to leave what has been my home for the past 35 years. i figured i should document how our last few weeks in manila would be like.

welcome to Project Life!

when i explain this to my friends, i say that this is scrapbooking version 2.0. and somehow they get it (or so i think. perhaps they have been simply indulging me). this wonderful system was created by Becky Higgins and i love how it can be anything you want it to be.

here’s a look at my title page:


and here’s my “prologue” page:


the pages are largely inspired by Erin Stewart‘s title page for 2014 (the use of exactly the same squared card at the exact same spot was largely unintentional. if i can show you the algorithm in my head, i would you know). i used a mix of the just add color, turquoise, and clementine editions of project life (except for the first edition which is sold out, the other two are available in Becky Higgins’ website as well as in Amazon).

instead of sewing the pockets where the bubble stickers (from Colorbok) and wood veneers (from Studio Calico ordered through the Which Craft Shop) are, i simply attached them to a transparency film (using thin double sided tape for the latter).



sewing would have driven me nuts. when you have obsessive-compulsive tendencies but do not have the luxury of time, you tend to find ways to come up with acceptable results. or a page or two for this matter.

i worked on these pages in june, a few months after i started with this project. i am on week 29 and it looks like i can keep this going until the end of the year. or, at the very least, by the time we move.

here’s hoping i can share more project life pages here!