light, love

ana and me i am the sun and my best bud, ana, was the heart. we were thirteen years old when we first met and exchanged handwritten letters for a period of fifteen years after that. ana had a way with words and a colorful life to boot which made for good reading. because i only had mundane matters to talk about, i made up for it by coming up with interesting ways to present my letters. i rolled one in a cassette tape, stuffed one in an empty film shell, wrote in circles, wrote backwards – any way possible to compensate for my usual nothing-much-has-really-happened-to-me-lately line. in every letter that we wrote we drew the combined symbol of a heart and a sun. when e-mailing became the norm, ana thought of translating the symbol into words instead, thus the phrase “radiant sun, leaping heart”.

ana eventually became a writer. got herself invited to a women’s literary circle. had her own column. had her own blog. won a writing award even. until her heart got broken and her light ceased to shine.

this year marks her fifth death anniversary. to honor her memory, i decided to go out of my comfort zone and take this leap into the unknown (i am not a writer and as it is i am struggling with the technical aspects of blogging) like she used to.

so here’s hoping that my sun shines bright enough to warm the heart of whoever peeks into my blog. only happy thoughts from now on. promise.


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