in review of the most wonderful time of the year

had to wrap more than 150 gifts last christmas, single-handedly, a third of which I had to “let go”, that is, release to the world with nary an embellishment nor ribbon. that felt wrong. but after two straight days of sleeping for only two hours (on top of taking care of my six-month old baby), i figured collapsing due to exhaustion was not an option.

i went a little crazy (as usual) during the holidays. i discovered free christmas tags online (printed two different sets: gold-purple-holiday-gift-tags from and 1204 gift_tags from; got packs of sticker labels from three separate shops (Living Well, S&R, and National Bookstore); bought Paperline silver and white cardboard tags (SM) and various green and red board tags from Filstar (National Bookstore); all on top of handmade Kirkland gift tags from the US my brother gave me two years ago (which I used as embellishment instead). roughly eight sets of christmas gift tags in total.

i used christmas wrappers in 5 different designs from Hallmark (National Bookstore); gold wrapper from Paperline (set of three from SM); scrapbook papers (plain and glittered) from Simple Joys; old gift wrapper which my sister-in-law got me from Malaysia; Best Buy white Japanese paper; Hallmark silver damask on mint green wrapper (National Bookstore); and Kirkland tissue paper. roughly eight types of gift wrapper in total as well.

i had to replenish my stock of cloth ribbons as i apparently used up the ones i’ve collected through the years (most of which were recycled from past gifts). i’ve added white and light gray to my array of ribbons in the usual colors of the season. i didn’t use much paper twine (Wrap em Up from Hallmark in National Bookstore) as it takes time to unwrap it and tie it around a gift. it actually takes me ONE hour to put paper twine on ONE gift, regardless of size (yes, I timed it once); lesser time with cloth or wired ribbons (or so i think). i retained my signature snowflake embellishment (originally a christmas tree garland which i cut into pieces) in some gifts for lack of an appealing alternative.

i put them all together and here are how the gifts turned out (would have wanted to show more but have not gotten the hang of taking pictures after i make something):





opted for a streamlined look for most gifts given the (lack of) time. of course, every year, i always plan for something more grand.

there are still a few gifts left in my christmas box that i have yet to wrap. hoping to make it in time for christmas this year.

i’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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