our story

same time last year, i made what is my only completed scrapbook album to date. this after more than 10 years of hoarding various scrapbook papers, tags, and embellishments.

i was on my second trimester and, in spite of the negative internal dialogue during the first three months of pregnancy, i found myself inspired enough to start on this project. i started january 2011 on this album – which was about the years my husband and i were together before we got married – and finished it, coincidentally, during the love month (not intentional. at all.).

i used a 5.75″ x 5.75″ cardstock album and paired it with various scrapbook papers and accessories (all of which were purchased from Simplejoys).

i selected pictures to represent the years before we finally tied the knot and printed text on vellum.









i also refurbished a box as storage for the album i made, in line with the theme of my pages, and placed our initials on the cover.


not bad for a first attempt, i think.

and so here’s to the cheesiest time of the year!


product credits  (click on the image to view product details)

Memory Book Glue Dots

Gracie Dream Street Square Cardstock Stickers

Gracie Dream Street Alphabet Cardstock Stickers


2 thoughts on “our story

  1. Karen Christine Dimal says:

    Seven was at our wedding naman! Cool! 🙂 wish I could be half as artistic as you, though.

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