working with craypas

i used to have a love-hate relationship with craypas. i was introduced to it in first grade as it was the medium of choice in the art subjects i had in grade school. i enjoyed its bright bold colors but disliked its tendency to easily stick on any surface, which can turn into a mess.

20 plus years later, i find myself rekindling my relationship with it (and call it in its common term which is oil pastel).

because of my capacity to breakdown a task, simplify and/or modify it (my day job) and having this particular skill set in the arts, i started teaching painting to persons who are differently-abled. although i prefer acrylic, i had to teach oil pastel rendering as well since there are kids more suited for this medium. in the process, i ended up with several artworks of my own (because i have to demonstrate from time to time). to think that prior to this, i only had one completed work in oil pastel (yes, this is a recurring pattern in my life for anything that has to do with art or crafts).

i started with a set of jars


and proceeded to make several others as i became more comfortable with oil pastel, such as fruits (as is customary);




my version of Jane Strother’s The Yellow House (i prefer to copy pictures but, sometimes, i cannot help but copy from an existing artwork);


and, animals






my students, of course, have far better artworks than me. but, at least, i can finally start with my portfolio.

now, if i can only find my old sketchpads (must be the epidural).


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