on a rainy day

was supposed to run errands yesterday but it started to rain. so instead, i looked for one of my unfinished craft projects and decided to finally tick it off my things-i-will-finish-someday list.

had to re-orient myself to this project since it has been years since i last made one. to the uninitiated, this instruction sheet (if you can call it that), does not make sense. for a few seconds, i couldn’t figure it out either.


my “craft-y” sense finally kicked in and i started cutting the sheets like i should. halfway through though i noticed that: (1) two parts are missing (i’ve cut some of it ages ago) and (2) this is not the best project to get into when i am expected to take care of my 9 month old son every so often, given how tedious it can get.

in less than an hour, i completed my third paper tole.


this should have been number three in a series of prints i have made. except that the first two were all in landscape (epic fail).



good thing i had one set left as i needed it to practice for an idea i have been toying with for some time now. you see, i plan to make paper tole gift cards for christmas.

wish me luck!


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