keep calm and scrap on

didn’t quite make it to national scrapbooking day. was having internet issues only to realize that i was simply out of load. the perks of broadband connection.

nevertheless,  in keeping with the occasion, here is a scrapbooking tip from a newbie (technically):

do not overanalyze.

(if you think about it of course, this applies to everything else in life.)

before my only completed scrapbook album to date, i attempted to make one by compiling the letters my best bud and i exchanged through the years. the inspiration was nick bantock‘s griffin and sabine (as this has always been my dream), which, in my opinion, elevated scrapbooking to an art form. i spent sleepless nights putting pages together, only to tear up all seven i had made as i felt it  had no style, no character, no framework, no format, blah, blah, blah….(oh, you get what i mean).

and then i took it easy. kept it simple. and came up with pages (well, around 3) which i did not attempt to destroy (but, er, i might change soon given the new scrapbook system i discovered).


lesson definitely learned (or so i think).

so to all the scrappers out there,  just keep at it! happy, happy!


p.s. here’s a peek at ana’s first letter to me.  this was sometime 1990 or 1991.


product credits (click on the image to view product details)

White Out Collection - Promenade - Parasol Paper

we r memory keepers white out collection paper kits promenade


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