practice makes perfect

or so i hope.

in the hallowed halls of a certain college lie the very first painting i have ever completed, that is, if they haven’t brushed primer on the canvass and re-used it yet. this painting was the only one i was able to make in a three-hour, 8 week class (didn’t i tell you i could be obsessive-compulsive?).  self-doubt got the the better of me and i passed up on the exhibit (only my brother was able to see it on display) which is why i wasn’t able to bring it home.

there are two other paintings in my drawer that remain unfinished to this day.

a few weeks back, i reached a creative slump so to speak. and i figured, if i tried my hand (literally) at painting again, i might discover more about the process.


i completed this painting on the first of july. it took me about 4 hours in total, done on two separate days. a far cry from my previous record.

i’ve been dusting off cobwebs from canvasses and painting materials i have stocked all these years.

perhaps it’s time i fully re-acquaint myself with an old friend.


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