inspiration blog hop

discovered project lifers philippines and was glad to see individuals who shared my interest in project life in my country where PL products aren’t exactly readily available (and yet we manage!).

allowed to be tagged by Ing of first time to do something like this so bear with me. it actually feels like an interview for a magazine. haha.

what are you working on?

i am attempting to complete my first ever project life album. i started at week 14 of 2014 and have partially completed several pages until week 26. when i discovered project life in 2011, i felt it was a perfect way to document my travels. but because my family is relocating to the province, i decided to give it a try so i can document our last few months in manila.


how does your work differ from others?

it seems i have more pictures of people than objects as i find it hard to take good photos of food, ordinary everyday items, or a new place as is common in PL albums that i see online. have been trying to work on composition at the very least.


i also adhere embellishments on transparencies rather than sew on the page protectors.



why do you create what you do?

it reminds me to be grateful of the little things, of ordinary things. that in life, what matters is not what you have or what you have achieved but rather the moments that you’ve spent with those who are dear to you or what you have experienced, no matter how mundane these may be.


how does your creating process work?

i keep a journal where i write down what transpired during the day, whether i have a pic or not, and how i plan to lay out my page. i try to keep one week in one spread (2 pages).


from there, i select the pictures that would work given the lay out and post process as my printer tends to print dark. what has worked best for me is printing pictures on unlined index cards rather than on photo paper. i then add filler and journal cards. so far, i have partially completed pages until week 26 although my journal entries are up to date. partially completed as i have yet to add journalling and embellishments to all these pages (er, i haven’t exactly decided on how my week card will look like to this day!).


all done!

will not be tagging any one but anybody who would like to write something similar is more than welcome to do so.

keep creating memories, project lifers! (oh that virtual cheer. hear, hear ;-))


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