around here

around here, i wake up to the sound of nature. a welcome change. except for that one crazy turkey that starts before 6 and goes on and on like an energizer rabbit. i will find it one day.

around here, i have yet to find my place. i still live off my suitcase and lug around my bag where my essentials are.

around here, folklore is imbued in the mundane. i cannot, for instance, take a nap as the sun begins to set (i know. but I am tired.).

around here, there is no way to go but start fresh. eat healthy. stay fit (er, let’s just say i don’t have a choice but to do the latter).

around here, one can get wonderfully lost in one’s own thoughts amidst the steady hum of inflections and glottal stops.

around here, there is a quiet flurry during the day. there are things that need to be done yet there is nary a need to rush.

around here, i still worry about the future, by the ghosts of the past.

but around here, there is finally an us and not just me and the little one. and that, for me, is enough.


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