a week in the life: monday

to mark our one month stay in Mindanao, i thought i’d do this glimpse into my week bit. not too happy with how the pictures turned out. but it’ll do for now. like much in life đŸ˜‰


Mondays are for taking breaks.

While the rest of the world brave the traffic, save for the past three years, I have always tried not to work on a Monday (or if I had to, I go outside the city). Thankful that this is one of the many perks of my job.

Sometimes, a pleasant surprise awaits.


Or two.


Most times, there are things that need to be done.

I prepare for lunch, which gives me some comfort, some time to think. And reminds me of Mama and life in Manila. This, of course, makes me want to slice more onions than is necessary.


I go over some documents. Cross out, hopefully, some work-related and household to-dos on my list. Which tires me out (dealing with numbers does that) and I end up taking a nap on the couch (sleep, as you might have noticed by now, is quintessential to my existence; somnolent detachment as of late.).

Monday is for chasing around the toddler as he tries to avoid the camera.


Mondays are for boxing the blues away while the hubby pulls guard.


And in the middle of mitt training, I feel my energy slip. This, strangely enough, brings me back to my senses.

Monday was spent waiting in a car while it rained. Duty called (the hubby’s).


Mondays are for night caps and discussing whether it’ll be good to eat after training or not. But we eat anyway (and the hubby gives me a puzzled – no make it incredulous – look as I snap away).


We go home. Climb to bed. And Monday ends with the hope that tomorrow, I’d feel much much better.


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