a week in the life: wednesday

Truth be told, Wednesday is my favorite day.

I woke up today with a skip in my step. Because I had to limp as the toddler sat on my foot, full weight, yesterday. A reminder of my age and weight (and his as well).

Wednesday is the toddler’s turn to sleep in. Unusual really that it is almost 8 am and he is not out of bed yet.


Wednesday is the day that I venture out to work a bit early which, in reality, is just 36 steps away from our house. With the little one in tow, of course.


Wednesdays are for obsessing over little things.

Like consistency.


And order.


Wednesdays are for a little father and son bonding that usually involves rough play.


Wednesday is for driving around town that is nearly deserted at 9 pm to look for ice cream. Because I realized that it will take time for me to adjust to this new life.

I find it in a little silver can. For a brief moment, I let it drown my sadness away.


And that is how I would like my Wednesday to end.


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