a week in the life: saturday

Saturdays are for work longer than one hour (hooray for that). Four hours to be exact.


Saturdays are for an unexpected discovery. That the yellow Duplo piece that has been missing from this particular stack has been in another building block container all along. This has confirmed what I have always believed: that sorting is not a very common skill among many. Seriously.


Saturdays are for mulling things over.

Where I am now, there are only a handful of us who do the kind of work that I do (maybe less than 10) to answer the needs of the whole of Northern Mindanao.

I have yet to learn the dialect and can only understand basic words and phrases. But nuances of human behavior that suggest denial, fear, anxiety, hope, acceptance, and faith are universal. In my practice, recognizing these is as essential as a clinical impression, delay in development, or limitation in function.

Ah, but all this thinking has left me tired (aside from a three-hour break before my last hour of work). And so Saturday is for a cozy nap on the couch. Hehe.


Saturdays are for more hands on time with the little guy. This means making him eat dinner, giving him a half bath, and putting him to sleep. Of the three, it is the last that is the hardest as he would try anything and everything to keep himself from falling asleep (I would have to agree that he did not get that from me).

And Saturday ends as quietly as it started.




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