37 little things about me

In celebration of the 7th anniversary of my 30th birthday. I beg for your indulgence on this one 😉

1. My favorite color is yellow. But I like many different colorful things and so it’s the last color on people’s minds when they think of me (I don’t even have a yellow shirt).

2. Sometimes, I so badly want not to care. But it’s hard not to.

3. I grew up insecure mainly about how I looked which has followed me even when I became a professional. I think I’m ok now.

4. Although I seem a bit cynical at times, I am actually an optimist.

5. I have classic middle child issues. But I have learned to shrug it off through the years.

6. I like making people laugh. My mother thinks I could have been a comedian, this coming from somebody who rarely smiles, much less laughs.

7. I don’t like drinking medicines unless absolutely necessary (I don’t even take vitamins). And my husband is a doctor so you can just imagine the conflict, er, I mean the irony.

8. I never really thought of travelling when I was younger, that is, it wasn’t something like “when I grow up I will go to…” But I ended up doing exactly that and have always been grateful for that little twist of fate.

9. I love rainy days.

10. I am OC about my (squished) handwriting. That is the only OC behavior I will readily admit.

11. I am not a morning person. People who call or text me before 9 am are usually ignored. Unless I like you for whatever reason.

12. It took a while for me to realize that my sense of humor is largely based on sarcasm (and self-depreciation).

13. I love my job. It’s been 17 years and I am still at it. No dull moment, really.

14. I am addicted to FB.

15. When I was younger, I wanted to have around five to seven children. I have one child now and I think two is enough.

16. I am passionate about learning. I like being a student and discovering new things.

17. I like birthdays. I don’t mind becoming a year older. I like it that I have an excuse to (think of different ways to) celebrate.

18. No matter how I try, I cannot deny the fact that jiujitsu has gotten under my skin, even if the hubby is (so) into it that sometimes he takes the fun out of it for me. Hah.

19. When I started drinking coffee, I’d have headaches from time to time. But I didn’t mind because I loved the company I was with. Right now, I drink coffee out of habit. And maybe because it brings back memories of good times.

20. I actually prefer tea over coffee.

21. Small talk is hard for me.

22. Motherhood is challenging and wonderful at the same time.

23. I easily forgive but rarely forget.

24. I used to hate being by myself. But now I enjoy my (precious) me time.

25. Although I am not a fashionista, I make sure that I don’t wear the same clothes on the same day within the same month (I actually note it in my planner). Or at least I try not to.

26. My life (or a large part of it) is the stuff out of which telenovelas are made of. But I don’t think it ever weighed me down.

27. Like many crafters, I hoard – notebooks, scrapbook paper, gift wrappers, stationery, even post-its!!!

28. I also collect pencils, key chains, foreign currency, anything Van Gogh (jigsaw puzzles mostly), art materials, chunky or interesting accessories, and, of late, Eco bags (not really sure why).

29. I don’t need drugs because I generate my own highs (and lows, sometimes).

30. Traveling has made me appreciate how beautiful my country is.

31. I am a geographic idiot (not even sure if this is a real term). But give me a map and I’ll find my way (I also have a thing for maps).

32. I’ve broken a lot of tumblers along the way because I’ve always thought they were meant to “tumble”. Seriously.

33. I get by with a little help from my friends, even if we are miles apart.

34. I will try new things at least once.

35. I have kept letters of most people who have snail mailed me through the years. I also tend to keep gift tags and small notes I’ve gotten for whatever occasion.

36. I am in a good place, where I need to be.

37. I am not religious but I have faith. And with that, I know, come what may, I will be alright.


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