i’ve always felt that i’m best heard live.

but, here i am, x number of posts later, still typing my thoughts away (hah). what started out as a platform for the re-discovery of my creative interests has slowly become a place for snippets of my life.

given all these thoughts in my head (without anybody to talk to yet – really – on my part of the archipelago), i figured it wouldn’t hurt to shake things up a bit in my little spot here in the blogosphere. i’ve decided to post about:

  • being around town. largely about being in Mindanao (or wherever i am at the moment)
  • random thoughts. ramblings about, er, life
  • anything artsy fartsy. a look into my memory-keeping process and projects as well as whatever artsy and craft-y i have made
  • BJJ. my (on and off) journey as a white belt and how i try to make sense of it all (until one day, hopefully, it finally does)

and so, as the cliche goes, sit back, relax, and have a cup of coffee (or two).


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