100 days* (of jiujitsu)


me (all curled out) with the hubby (photo bombed by our coach. lol.)

*or the number of days i hope i last in this sport

sometimes – no, make that most of the time – i wonder why i do this.

my tenth session was a lesson on sweep from side mount.

and there i was, struggling to coordinate the movement of my trunk, my hips, my limbs, and every other freaking body part in one smooth motion.

i missed something. like only remembering certain areas to get to point A from point B when i drive (i am a geographic idiot as well). or when i’m singing and forget like a word or two from the lyrics. frustrating, really, that at a certain point i muttered what i thought was a muffled invective, a curse in Tagalog, which apparently was heard in the entire room (my teammates erupted in laughter).

i approached my coach and ask him about the specific technique, right about the time people were rolling in the mats. i could almost hear him stifle a sigh (questions are usually asked after we roll; that was the structure) but he relented to my request.

i wanted to tell him i have motor planning issues (i am tempted to take a video of myself, show my colleagues, and i’m sure they’ll all concur), execution in particular. but i think i’ll save this reasoning for later. lol.

he tells me:

  • i move my body in a segmental manner, that is, while on my back i raise my hips then lower it before i turn instead of raising my hips and turning at the same time (again, isn’t this the hallmark of a motor planning issue???).
  • i need to (further) strengthen my core (he was not impressed that while on my back i kept my hips raised for around 10 seconds {this was a different coach}. that’s like a feat for me, you know).
  • and that (much like what the hubby tells me) i simply overanalyze (i have to admit there’s {a little} truth in that).

i make a mental note of what i need to work on as he explains the technique again:

  • bridging
  • hip escape
  • bridging and hip escape
  • shoulder bridging
  • practice, practice, practice
  • practice some more

he tells me to move as a unit, to do everything in one fluid motion. then he asks the lightest white belt (the one that was roughly, er, one fourth my body weight) to practice the move on. and with one go, i sweep him!

savoring this little victory until the next challenge comes along. so help me God 😉


that thing called BJJ*

*or what happens when a crafter goes (way) out of her comfort zone


i have always had issues with commitment. the kind that makes me start a project and not finish it. like a painting. or a scrapbook. or a paper craft.

i find this a Gemini trait (well, i have to blame this on something, right?).

so when my jiujitsu coach expects some form of solidarity with the team (that this is a brotherhood is sinking in) or some semblance of regularity and dedication to this martial art, i find my chest tightening a bit, like a momentary choke hold (pun intended).

because i know that if i continue to do this along with all my fears (injury is top of mind) and insecurities (me sucking at it big time) – all of which i have been trying to deal with – i will not be able to make it through the finish line, whatever that may be.

but i enjoy jiujitsu. and although i have yet to find a reason to do this for more than a few months (this is a sport, after all, and a very challenging one at that), i will try to keep at it and give it everything I’ve got (which is not really much for now). because Zumba is not an option (just so we’re clear).

i am keeping my legs in closed guard position, er, i mean crossed.

(a little voice in my head is telling me that perhaps i should spend my time catching up on PL projects instead of rolling. ignoring this in the mean time.)